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I'm a friend of Miley Cyrus, she can twerk if she wants to
I'm a friend of the janitors, who do all your work for you
I'm a friend of Macklemore, he's doing his best to do the right thing
I'm a friend of Lil Wayne, if he wants his bling, let em have his bling
I'm a friend of honest cops, it's hard to do right with so much wrong around you
I'm a friend of single mothers, we couldn't do what we do if they didn't do what they do
I'm a friend of Kid Rock, white music and black music, fight music, not whack music
I'm a friend of Kenrick, dropping a little control on the music, that shit was sick
I'm a friend of strippers, if I could make money off the way I look, I would, too
I'm a friend of the IRS, somebody's gotta do it, if it was you, you'd hate you, too
I'm a friend of Bono, call him what you want, few people do more for the poor
I'm a friend of fast food workers, exploited to pay the bills, exploited for lack of skills
I'm a friend of union members, standing up for everyone's right to dignity and respect
I'm a friend of Obama, he's not perfect, neither are you, let's see you try to have an effect
I'm a friend of Flavor Flav, yeah he's a little crazy, but so are you and I
I'm a friend of Chuck D, he made social consciousness something you had to buy

I'm a friend of Britney, bitch, lets stop judging people dealing with shit we don't know about
I'm a friend of Jay-Z, good to see a hustler rise up and get so much clout
I'm a friend of Nasty Nas, always bringing it hard, before you and God, I give em a head nod
I'm a friend of Hillary, breaking glass ceilings, while dealing with men who are flawed
I'm a friend of Uncle Luke, sure the lyrics of his songs were shit, but he said things that people actually say
I'm a friend of Kanye, he was right about Taylor and Bush, even if he's rude, his shit's cray
I'm a friend of Trayvon, still we have fear of a black planet, but I'll say it, Fuck George Zimmerman!
I'm a friend of Charlie Sheen, doing more winning at life than most other winners can
I'm a friend of homeless people, there's no reason, no way, no how, this should be in a free country
I'm a friend of welfare mothers, society fails too many people and this isn't how its supposed to be
I'm a friend of Elizabeth Warren, I like my women strong, and one like her will be president before too long
I'm a friend of Cheech and Chong, let's get it on, no prison time for a guy selling a bong
I'm a friend of Beyonce, nobody puts on a better show, nobody works harder, yo
I'm a friend of the troops on the ground, putting their boots on and going to places we'll never go
I'm a friend of prisoners doing time for drug possession, casualties of a stupid drug war obsession
I'm a friend of the teachers of the world, session after session, lesson after lesson

I'm a friend of Grandmaster Flash, on the wheels of steel, made a new culture and music real to me
I'm a friend of children and students, we don't own em, shouldn't control em, should help em be free
I'm a friend of Eminem, when he goes round the outside, round the outside, I'm along for the ride
I'm a friend of Big Boi and Andrew 3000, originality of days, in so many ways it's craze-y
I'm a friend of bus drivers, it's a shit job, for shit pay, that lasts all of the shitty day
I'm a friend of fire fighters, putting their lives on the line, and they still get shitty pay
I'm a friend of the survivors, attacked by rapists, then the legal system, then the public
I'm a friend of the survivors, beaten by parents and spouses, no refuge in their own house
I'm a friend of the addicts and alcoholics, punished by society after punishing themselves
I'm a friend of the garbage collectors, cleaning up the refuse we leave behind or lose
I'm a friend of DJ Kook Herc, I've imagined being at those block parties a million times
I'm a friend of Afrika Bambaataa, I've listened to those spins a million times
I'm a friend of undocumented immigrants, birth shouldn't determine your destiny and life
I'm a friend of artists, they say what we all think and feel and need and want and bleed
I'm a friend of revolutionaries, the system is broken those who break it are my friends
I'm a friend of you, you don't and won't suffer alone, I'll be your friend until the end


from Talking Loud and Saying Something by Professor Rex, track released April 2, 2014
Lyrics: Professor Rex



all rights reserved


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Revolutionary Exchange Records Washington, D.C.

Trying to be both Chuck D and Flava Flav

My music has been described as "Nerdcore." I'm okay with that.

My rhymes are so dense you're gonna need footnotes.

More pop culture references than you can shake a boomstick at!

Lyrical collage. Intellectual barrage.

And other semi-clever phrases that make me smile and make you think less of me as a human being!
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