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No such thing
No such thing
No such thing
No such thing

There's no such thing as...
ESP, telepathy, EVP, palmistry, homeopathy, banshee, yeti, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, destiny, Illuminati
No remote viewing, channeling, automatic writing, fortune telling, brainwashing, pentagram, talisman (it's bullshit)
No telekinesis, pyrokinesis, psychokinesis, out of body experience, Santa Claus, haunted houses, curses
No astral projection, precognition, teleportation, levitation, past life regression, spontaneous combustion (it's bullshit)
No demons, possession, reincarnation, auras, karma, stigmata, chupacabra, sixth sense, seance
No Loch Ness monster, vampires, mind control, anal probes, aliens, miracles, angels, time travel (it's bullshit)

No such thing
No such thing
No such thing
No such thing

No luck, magick, psychics, Mind Freaks, biofeedback, macrobiotics, cryonics, chiropractic, Dianetics
No Ouija board, tarot cards, John Edward, dowsing rods, tea leaves, aroma therapy, herbal remedies (placebo)
No reflexology, numerology, phrenology, psychic surgery, cellular memory, alchemy, astrology, scientology
No pig entrails, victim souls, crystals, colloidal minerals, spells, crystal skulls, Roswell, Bermuda Triangle (it's bullshit)
No runes, charms, mediums, mesmerism, biorhythm, exorcism, ghosts, occult, metalists, Atlantis
No prophets, Nostradamus, oracles, crop circles, trepanation, cold fusion, Area 51, intelligent design (it's bullshit)

No such thing
No such thing
No such thing
No such thing

Dropping science about science


from Talking Loud and Saying Something by Professor Rex, track released April 2, 2014
Lyrics: Professor Rex



all rights reserved


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Revolutionary Exchange Records Washington, D.C.

Trying to be both Chuck D and Flava Flav

My music has been described as "Nerdcore." I'm okay with that.

My rhymes are so dense you're gonna need footnotes.

More pop culture references than you can shake a boomstick at!

Lyrical collage. Intellectual barrage.

And other semi-clever phrases that make me smile and make you think less of me as a human being!
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