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You, you, you...

You, you're adaptable and beautiful, colossal and cool, historical and honorable, faithful and lethal,
You, you're invincible and magical, likeable and lyrical, merciful and peaceful, perpetual and powerful,
You, you're knowledgeable and real, rebel but responsible, substantial and successful, addicting and amazing,
You, you're alluring and amusing, astonishing and dazzling, charming and entertaining, interesting and exciting,
You, you're fascinating and stimulating, adventurous and ambitious, auspicious and boundless, ceaseless and curious,
You, you're conscious and courageous, fearless and flawless, glamorous and hilarious, humorous and loose,
You, you're righteous and stupendous, mysterious and outrageous, marvelous and momentous, productive and reflective,
You, you're decisive and inquisitive, spectacular and super, debonair and fair,

You, you're magnificent and observant, omniscient and resonant, coherent and complete, defiant and different,
You, you're diligent and eminent, efficient and elegant, resolute and robust, alert and literate,
You, you're brainy and classy, friendly and funny, groovy and jazzy, lively and mighty,
You, you're nifty and witty, necessary and ready, steady and swanky, tremendous and fierce,
You, you're ubiquitous and wise, victorious and vigorous, thankful and thoughtful, truthful and useful,
You, you're determined and proud, educated and gifted, talented and tested, cultured and poised,
You, you're unequaled and wild, dynamic and fantastic, energetic and electric, unique and sleek,
You, you're exotic and melodic, psychedelic and futuristic, premium and supreme, enthusiastic and majestic,

You, you're...
Elite and sweet, lush and fresh, alive and brave, quick and sick,
Rough and tough, rare and aware, sincere and clear, strong and calm,
Clean and keen, deep and nonstop, good and kind, new and true

You, you, you...


from Talking Loud and Saying Something by Professor Rex, track released April 3, 2014
Lyrics: Professor Rex



all rights reserved


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Revolutionary Exchange Records Washington, D.C.

Trying to be both Chuck D and Flava Flav

My music has been described as "Nerdcore." I'm okay with that.

My rhymes are so dense you're gonna need footnotes.

More pop culture references than you can shake a boomstick at!

Lyrical collage. Intellectual barrage.

And other semi-clever phrases that make me smile and make you think less of me as a human being!
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